What is Laser Lipo?

What is Laser Lipo?

=Always looking for n easier, more affordable way to improve our bodies appearance, the latest technology in cosmetic procedures, Laser Lipo offers, a more affordable, less painful solution to liposuction. As well downtime is considerably less as it’s a day procedure with patients home just hours after.

Laser Lipo uses lasers to liquefy the fat deposits before suctioning them from the body. This is a less invasive procedure with no need for harsh suctioning and scraping. There are two types of laser lipo – internal and external. The internal liposuction uses a laser attached to the end of a suction tube that is inserted into the area to be treated. External laser lipo uses lasers on the outside of the body before the procedure begins.

Does Lipo Laser Surgery Work?

Lipo Laser surgery can remove approximately 50{089e87961cf15251c1730adb57193ea9ec1d2c1f62acff38d1f90a7e0c0400ac} of the fat deposits from specific areas. It is better targeted to people who already maintain a healthy lifestyle and are looking for selective fat removal in areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. Results are seen quickly though they may not be as dramatic as routine liposuction procedures.Image result for What is Laser Lipo?

There are numerous clinics around America offering versions of Laser Lipo. Finding a reputable clinic with years of successful results is key to ensuring the best outcomes. Sono Bello is a clinic specializing in Laser Lipo and body contouring. With over 30 locations nationwide, they have helped 6,500 clients achieve new bodies.

What to expect during the procedure

After your consultation, the doctor or nurse will give you some medications to alleviate pain, nausea and an antibiotic to stop any infections from setting in. Then you will be given a localized numbing agent in the areas to receive treatment.

You will be not be given general anesthesia. This means faster recovery and less downtime.

How quickly does life get back to normal?

How quickly patients return to the regular routines depends on many things including which areas were treated, their weight,  age and discomfort tolerance. Many patients return to normal office work within a few days although they may still be a little sore and tender.

Is Laser Lipo right for you?

Laser lipo is an excellent technique for removing fat from areas of the body that don’t respond well to diet and exercise. It typically works best on those who are already practicing an active lifestyle and eating healthy.

Are the results permanent?

Yes! The Laser Lipo process immediately and permanently removes fat. As an adult does not create new fat cells, this means the results can be permanent. If you do gain weight in the future, the weight will not accumulate in the areas where you had the procedure performed.

What does it cost?

Most clients pay from $2500-$5000 dollars, but prices start as low as $1000 per area, depending on the number of areas a patient wishes to have done. Many clinics offer financing and payment plans.