Usual Culprits For Low Libido In Men

Usual Culprits For Low Libido In Men

Today, more and more men are experiencing that their libido is quite low as they cannot or do not want to perform in the bedroom. The men’s health physicians are always looking for new way to solve this problem, however, you should also know that there is nothing to worry about because you are not alone in this situation.

What is low libido?

The easiest way to describe low libido is to say that it is when a person has decreased or no interest in sexual activities. Of course, it is normal to not be in the mood from time to time or that you simply do not want to do certain things that your partner is asking you to, however, if you actually want to put yourself out but you are unable to, then it is normal that you are getting concerned.

Causes of low libido in men

One of the most common culprits when it comes to low libido are low testosterone levels which can be caused by a couple of issues. Testosterone is a very important male hormone which is mostly produced in testicles as it is stimulating the production of sperm and of course, it stimulates your sex drive.

As you age, it is normal that your testosterone levels are getting lower, however, that is not the only factor that can impact your testosterone levels. There are a lot of medications that also lower your testosterone levels as a side effect. These are mostly medications are mostly the ones that are controlling your blood pressure.

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Chronic Illness

One good example for a chronic illness that lowers your libido level is the chronic fatigue syndrome. This illness revolves around experiencing extreme fatigue or tiredness which will make you incapable of doing some regular daily tasks that you could usually do with ease.

Even if CFS is an extreme example, you should know that just being tired is definitely going to lower your libido as your body just does not have the energy to create the necessary products that will stimulate you to have sex. You should not overwork yourself as it will cause a lot more issues than the ones in the bedroom. Make sure your body gets enough rest so it can perform in all the areas.


Definitely one of the most common issues in today’s society is to have low libido levels due to stress. Even if stress does cause your blood pressure to be quite high, it is doing it in a completely opposite way from the way it makes your sex drive rise. That is because stress disrupts your hormone levels, which once again causes your testosterone levels to be lower than necessary for you to perform.

Stress can be caused by multiple factors, and most of them today are related to work. That is why you need to make sure that you do not devote all of your attention to your career, because sooner or later, low libido levels are going to be the least of your problems if you are constantly stressed due work.

Low libido can become quite a big issue in your relationship

Final Word

If you are looking for treatment for low libido in males, you should definitely consider to contact some professionals like Dr. Rob King. No matter what caused your low libido levels, your situation will definitely get handles in the shortest time possible.


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