Using a Surrogate? Consider These Pointers

Using a Surrogate? Consider These Pointers

Surrogate mothers carry and deliver a child for another couple or person. They do not continue to fulfill a motherly role following the child’s birth. They may or may not be biologically related o the child they carry.

A couple or a man or woman can choose to make use of a surrogate mother for various reasons. A person’s preference to find a surrogate will have an impact on his or her own surrogacy choice. Before getting tips on searching for a surrogate, you need to understand important information related to surrogacy.

Kinds of Surrogacy

  • Gestational Surrogacy– This is a common surrogacy type in which the surrogate mother has no biological connections to the child she is carrying. The process involves an extraction of the egg from the biological mother, fertilization in vitro at a fertility center and implantation in the surrogate mother’s womb. The surrogate mother agrees to grow the child in her womb for the parents who cannot do so for some reasons.
  • Traditional Surrogacy– This arrangement involves the surrogate being biologically related to the child she is carrying. The surrogate offers her own egg and then carries the child to term; however, she will not be raising the child following birth.

Using a Surrogate

Searching for a Surrogate

The following are some tips that must be considered by those who will use a surrogate mother.

  • Consider the Legalities– Surrogacy in some countries is quite controversial and surrogacy laws tend to vary by states. But surrogacy in Russia is legal. In other places where this is allowed, surrogacy involves uncompensated agreements and gestational agreements. A number of countries that have surrogacy laws prohibit same-sex couples from taking part in the process and require intended parents to be married.
  • Get the Services of an Agency– Preferring surrogacy means that the intended parents help in supervising the process. The agency can help with matching the intended parents with a suitable surrogate as well as screen and make legal referrals.
  • Think about the Expenses-Using surrogacy involves the intended parents having to pay the surrogate’s medical bills and legal costs which are likely to arise from the pregnancy. The intended parents wish to ensure they accurately understand their financial obligation before the start of the surrogacy journey.
  • Understand your Requirements– Determine what exactly are you looking for in a surrogate. Remember that you will entrust the earliest life of your baby to the surrogate so make sure you find someone who can make like-minded decisions. In case you prefer a traditional surrogate mother, think about the genetic factors that you find necessary.