North Turramurra Vet Hospital- Awesome Tips To Protect Dogs Against Winter and For Your Health Too

North Turramurra Vet Hospital- Awesome Tips To Protect Dogs Against Winter and For Your Health Too

Winter is coming! You need to prepare your pup for this inclement weather when you want to go for a walk with them or if you want to play with them.  Remember, dogs do have unique and protection needs.

In connection to that, here are few tips for you in protecting them against winter surge recommended by professional North Ryde vet:


Maintain dry ears.

This doesn’t necessarily means that you need to buy them ear muffs. However, if they are too naughty to play in the snow, be sure to keep both of their ears dry to avoid any ear infections.

 Take care their paws properly.

There are instances that your pooch may hesitate to wear booties. If that’s the case, you have to make sure that hair on their paws are trimmed properly. Most of the time, their hair gets wet during winter. What you can do is to keep this clean and short.

Don’t forget their coats.
 Always wrap your pooch with coat not unless they already have natural coat for winter such as Newfie or Husky. Look for a coat that is specifically tailored in keeping them warm yet could provide convenience.

 No to de-icers and salts.

 You should know that salts are too bad for dogs especially if they ingest it.  This is true also with chemical de-icers, which are oftentimes used to melt car windshields or sidewalks. Always pay attention on affected areas and as much as possible keep your pooch away from these places.


Let them drink, drink, drink.

Wearing another layer to combat cold from winter’s surge could be too rehydrating for your dogs.  Let them drink enough amount of water. It is very important on their ability to regulate their own temperature.  You may also use plastic bowl outside and fill it with water. Don’t use metal bowls since they freeze and could put your dog’s tongue into danger.

Put a time limit on outdoor activities.

Your dogs may enjoy playing around outside with snow angels.  Thus, this is up to you to when to stop and let them come inside. You must warm them after allowing them to play. Through this, they can avoid hypothermia and frostbite.

Brush them.

 Brushing  out those old, curly fur will let fuller coats to rise. Make it a habit to brush them regularly. Matted and clumpy fur will not insulate and even clean coat. Aside from that, you need to consume more time to dry this.

Create a hot spot.

 If your dogs spend most of their time outside, they must have a warm place to stay. You can simply insulate their house or just purchase something, which is already built to protect them against cold.

Research about the breed of your dog.

There are dog breeds, which needs more care and maintenance than others when winter occurs. Do your homework. Find what they really need based on their breed. You can ask your friends and relatives about this or you can search on the internet.  You can also ask your trusted vet in North Turramurra vet hospital.