The Many Benefits Of Coconut Oil

The Many Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a widely used edible fat, extracted from mature coconut kernels. Coconut is abundantly grown in tropical countries near the sea shores where the hot climate suits the coconut plantations.

The coconut plantations yield the coconut trees, leaves, coconut water, coconut meat, coconut shell and of course the coconut oil. All the products of coconut plantations have abundant uses in the tropical countries.

Out of all the produce of the coconut tree, the coconut oil is most widely used all over the world including the UK and the US.


Coconut oil remains fresh for a long time for about six months without going bad or rancid. It is slow to oxidize, hence has a greater shelf life.

Coconut Oil uses: Coconut oil has a variety of uses among which the skin care and the hair care products top the list. It is widely used in soaps, shampoos, body lotions, body creams, and other hair and skin care products. It is widely used as a cooking medium in tropical countries. In some countries it is used in preparations of sweets, and savories.

People are discovering new uses of coconut oil every day, and it is getting more and more popular all over the world day by day.

There are numerous benefits of coconut oil, all of which are difficult to enumerate in a limited space. Here is the list of more popular coconut oil benefits, which is popularly known around the world.

Skin Care: Coconut oil prevents wrinkles, dryness of the skin and flaking of skin in harsh climates. Because of its antioxidant qualities, it is useful to cure premature aging and degenerative diseases. It helps in curing psoriasis, eczema dermatitis and other skin ailments.

Hair Care: It is a good nourishment for dry and listless hair because of its high protein content. It is a good conditioner and helps for regrowth of damaged hair.

Heart diseases: Although it contains high saturated fatty acids, still it is god for heart because it has lauric acid which prevents high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Immunity: Coconut oil contains anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. These properties help in building immunity.

Weight loss: Experts believe that coconut oil helps control abdominal obesity in women.

Digestion: Coconut oil if used in cooking helps digestion thereby improving digestion related problems.

Blood sugar control: Coconut oil helps in increasing insulin controlling the blood sugar levels.

Candida: Candida, is an uncontrolled growth of yeast in the stomach. Coconut helps in controlling the internal and external inflammation caused by candida.

Stress relief: coconut oil, if applied on the head has a cooling and soothing effect, controlling the stress related headaches.

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