What Laser Tattoo Removal Machine is the Best for Tattoo Removal

What Laser Tattoo Removal Machine is the Best for Tattoo Removal

In the past, removing tattoo from the skin is as difficult and risky thing to do as it can cause wounds and scar to the skin. Nowadays, there are laser tattoo removal technology that are designed to remove all colors of tattoo inks. Laser tattoo removal treatment has been approved by the FDA since 2014. The best way to remove your tattoo is via advanced laser treatment technique like Picoway.

There are two different wavelengths provided by Picoway laser tattoo removal machine including 532 nm and 1064 nm. The 532 nm laser can effectively remove tattoo inks in the color range of orange, yellow and red. The 1064 nm laser is able to remove dark tattoo ink colors such as black, and brown as well as other tattoo ink colors such as green, purple and blue.

Picoway is the first dual laser system that can be used to treat all kinds of tattoos including tattoos with a lot of colors, tattoos that have been treated before. The laser can break up the ink that has enter to under the skin so that it can be naturally eliminated from the body. It can effectively remove every single trace of the tattoo ink no matter if it is a professional or amateur tattoo. It will not change the color or leave any scar on the treated region where the tattoo is located and the surrounding region of the skin.Image result for What Laser Tattoo Removal Machine is the Best for Tattoo Removal

Most patients experience half clearance of their tattoo after attending 3 treatment sessions. Picoway laser treatment focus the laser on the tattoo at a faster speed compared to other traditional lasers. The high speed of the laser prevents the area from experiencing serious symptoms. If you experience symptoms in the post treatment, the symptoms are likely to be minor and will subside within a few days.

Alex Trivantage laser is also a high speed laser like Picoway but it uses three laser wavelengths instead of two laser wavelengths to remove the tattoo ink. It does not create a hot spot in the tattoo that is being treated so there is a low chance that the texture of the skin will change. It can effectively break the tattoo ink into small particles that is easy for the immune system in the body to clean up. The different laser wavelengths are able to recognize all the tattoo ink colors and treat them. Extra small tattoos that is up to 2 inches can be removed in just a single session. Medium and large tattoos may have to take up to 3 – 6 treatment sessions to completely clear up.

It is important that you go to a tattoo removal clinic that is equipped with certified laser technician. The laser technician is knowledgeable in providing the patient with a safe treatment. The doctor will determines how many treatment sessions you need to attend during the initial consultation. The doctor will evaluate your needs and craft a unique laser tattoo removal plan. He will let you know the outcome you can expect after you attend all the treatment sessions and give you an idea on how long is the treatment timeframe.