Kratom – nature’s little known anti-inflammatory

Kratom – nature’s little known anti-inflammatory

Over thousands of years of human civilisation groups of people have known about the medicinal effects of local herbs. St John’s Wort is a known antidepressant while aspirin is a mild painkiller. Marijuana is a very strong painkiller but has been made illegal in many countries because of its potential for abuse. What about kratom? This is a herb found in Indonesia that has been used for millennia by indigenous Polynesians that is both a strong painkiller, yet can help you face the day as a seed from Africa called coffee can.

Mitrogyna speciosa

Kratom is a plant known by the Latin name Mitrogyna speciosa. Kratom has been growing in the Indonesian rainforests for millions of years and it is believed to have been used by Polynesians since the dawn of human civilisation.

A close relative to coffee, it has a reasonable stimulant effect that isn’t unlike two double espressos. It is used for a variety of reasons from withdrawing from opiates to dealing with chronic pain, and recently has also been shown to be good for the skin and hair.

Unlike coffee, it is consumed by drinking an infusion of the leaves as you would drink a green tea.

Proven medical effects

Mitrogyna speciosa has been shown in hard medical research to have a great painkilling effect that is similar to using medical marijuana. Unlike marijuana it doesn’t always leave you sat in front of the TV and staring into space unless you choose to. There are three varieties used for dealing with pain – the Red, Green and White.

If you buy kratom in the US you will find that the White variety is very like drinking a strong cup of coffee and can be used for your morning jolt as you prepare the kids for school and go to work. For when you have come home and after the kids have gone to bed, you can use the Red variety that can help chill you out as you might with a few glasses of wine in the evening. The Green variety sits in the middle – perhaps where you don’t need to concentrate so much yet need to be awake enough to function.

Kratom is also a proven medication to support medical opiate withdrawal. It is estimated that 3 million Americans are hooked on prescription painkillers, often afraid of the ‘cold turkey’ effects of withdrawal from a drug their doctor prescribed them. Repeated long term scientific research has shown that as part of a self-managed opiate withdrawal programme, the Indonesian herb is extremely effective at supporting withdrawal from pain pills.

Recently derivatives of Kratom have been licensed by the European Union as components of haircare and skin cosmetics. This is because the herb contains two very good alkaloids that are used by major cosmetics companies around the world in shampoo and face creams. Unlike most other sources of the alkaloids in question, kratom contains high concentrations of both of them.


While the worlds of medicine and cosmetics charge ahead, it is easy to forget that our forefathers once knew effective herbal remedies for a whole range of ailments. Kratom is one of those and may yet be the wonder drug that pharmaceutical businesses have sought for decades. Get in there before they make it too expensive!