Cosmetic Dentistry or How to Give Kids a Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry or How to Give Kids a Smile

It is quite unfortunate that many children in the current age cannot comfortably give a smile due to teeth problems. Good looking teeth play a very important role in making a good smile. Anyone including children would love to have a good looking smile, but this is not the case in many parts of the world. This is the reason why an event called “Give Kids a Smile” had to be initiated. But what is this event all about?


According to Las Vegas news interview with Doctor Michael Sanders, the need for treating children for issues like tooth decay, discoloration and alignment often goes unrecognized yet to children it plays an important role in a child’s life. That is why the idea of “Give a Child A smile was born in the year 2003 in the dental research Centre. In the year 2005 the first event was held, where 30 volunteer doctors/dentists were invited .In addition the event pulls resources from the state and the sponsors. The resources are usually enough to aid around 250 to 300 children at a time. The event starts at 7am and ends at 12 noon.

Doctor Emily who is the program coordinator further adds that they also invite boys and girls club to the event to support the program and activities of the day. But how are the 250 participants sampled out? Emily explains that the 250 children are picked from title 1 schools-schools that provide 50{089e87961cf15251c1730adb57193ea9ec1d2c1f62acff38d1f90a7e0c0400ac} free lunch in a bid to get more resources.

What are some of the cosmetic dentistry services offered today?

Tooth decay- Partial or full tooth decay- The children go through a general dental check up to ascertain the extent of the tooth decay, after which they are treated-for example by filling the tooth or teeth.

Discoloration: The checkup will have ascertained that the teeth are discolored due to a certain effect hence the dentists will work to ensure that the teeth are cleaned up after which they give the children mouth washers and teeth whitening agent.

Other services offered relate to general oral and dental hygiene. This may include a one-time cleaning of teeth and some advice on oral dental hygiene.

What are some of the challenges that are faced by the program and the children that come for the program?

Some of the main challenges faced by the program are related to lack of funds. The budget allocated for it is limited hence organizing such events is usually a challenge. Despite the appalling rate of teeth problems this area is often neglected.

Besides the fear of dentist, children that enroll for the event usually risk stigma in schools and of coursetooth pain to mention just some of the challenges they face.

Looking at the statistics given it is clear that this program “Give Kids ASmile” is valid and is worth investing in. You can always participate by looking for events that help children to put a smile on a kids face through such events.