Don’t Trust Your Hospital? Try These New Age Healing Methods

Don’t Trust Your Hospital? Try These New Age Healing Methods

Bioresonance treatment is an active therapy in which the electromagnetic vibrations of the human body will be employed. The technique is based on the phenomena of resonance and blanking recognized from the laws of waves in physics. In this, pathological, disharmonic frequencies are led off from the body as weakened healthy vibrations are strengthened.

If we identify the precise vibration pattern of an unsafe substance present in the body, with strengthened inverse form of this pattern the substance to be removed can be dragged off from its bindings and removed from the body. payable to interferences the pathological patterns in the body of the patient initially weaken then get blanked whereas natural patterns get strengthened, this method the body will be free from obstacles to normal self-regulation, self-healing.

Get familiar with Bio-resonance therapy

When you read about Bioresonance, you will get to make out that it works as an full of life treatment with the patient`s energies, or better, the patient`s inherent body frequencies i.e. oscillations or wave patterns. The principle is very easy as in Bio resonance therapy, with the aid of an electromagnetic device developed by Bicom, these electromagnetic oscillations are calculated. These waves can be alienated into physiological i.e. harmonic or normal and pathological i.e. disharmonic or abnormal oscillations. It is effortless to be aware of that the latter impairs the stability of the patient, as a result leading to allergies and feelings of ill-health.

The process relies on the law of physics that two waves which are the exact mirror image of each other take the edge off and cancel each other out. While the oscillations can be altered in the Bicom device, mirrored and fed back into the body where attenuation or even a cancellation of the pathological oscillations may happen

Vast range of therapies

Bioresonance therapy tenders an infinite diversity of therapy alternatives since every functional disorder or disease is portrayed by pathological oscillations such as caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, environmental pollutants, etc.

Bioresonance is a support to diagnosis and dealing, and also for allergies, asthma, chronic infections, pain or general augmented predisposition to infections. On the whole, from every affected body region disharmonic oscillations may be registered for therapeutical purposes. This also clarifies why this therapy is not restricted to any particular symptoms. Feeding back the body`s inherent oscillations modified in the Bicom device, imbalances may be eliminated, and the patient`s own healing retort may be addressed and activated.

As in loads of recent therapy forms of complementary medicine, if you read about Bioresonance, you will get to recognize the benefit of this method, as it has no undesirable side-effects, as has been recognized in more than 15 years of therapy experience. It is a form of treatment which is in no way traumatic to you. It is totally painless, thus, being ideal for children. According to the laws of physics, the intrusion of old and new leads to transforming, imbalances can be corrected.