Different Types of Dental Crowns in the US

Different Types of Dental Crowns in the US

There are different types available for dental crowns and each one of them has its own purpose and benefits. The main difference to these types is the material used in producing them. In this article, let us take a look at the different dental crowns here in the US that we can take advantage of in case we have dental problems that call the need for it. This article is written with the help of teeth whitening tempe az.

  1. Stainless Steel

This type of dental crown is usually used in pediatric dentistry as a temporary solution for tooth decay problems. As we already know, baby teeth is important for the positioning of permanent teeth later on that is why stainless steel crowns are used to protect the baby teeth from further decay until they eventually fall off.

  1. Metal

This type of dental crown is usually used in backside molars for patients who do not want the metallic aesthetics to be seen from the outside. They do not require tooth reshaping and removal before the metal crown is fitted because their walls are too thin and versatile enough. Dental crowns that are made out of metal are known to be durable and can withstand chewing for a long time and can cause very minimal damage to opposing teeth.


  1. Porcelain Fused to Metal

Instead of using pure metal, this type of dental crown uses heat-fused porcelain for its exterior and coating. This type of dental crown is popularly used for teeth that can easily be seen by the people such as the front teeth because it can easily be color-matched and it would be difficult to distinguish that the wearer is using a dental crown for his or her teeth. This is less durable than dental crowns that are made of metal and is susceptible to chipping.

  1. Ceramic

Much like the porcelain outer coating, ceramic dental crowns can also be color-matched with the teeth to make it look all natural. This has also the biocompatibility feature which makes sense for people that are allergic to metal. The durability of this type of dental crown can also be put to question because it is also prone to chipping and cracking.

  1. Resin

Made out of composite resin, this dental crown option is the most common option by people due to its affordability. It can be color-matched to natural teeth but the biggest letdown of this type is that it is not durable and very susceptible to chipping and cracks.

Getting to Know the Installation Procedure

Aside from the different types of dental crowns that can be found here in the US, let us get to know the common procedure done by dentists with dental crown installation. Here is a short overview on how the process is done.

Dental crown installation cannot be completed by a single visit to the dentist. It requires at least two visits before the procedure is done. The first visit would consist of the assessment and evaluation of the patient’s dentals. The dentist checks on the patient’s teeth to make sure that the procedure is suitable for the patient or not. If the results are affirmative then the dentist will now proceed to the next step which is the main procedure itself. The procedure begins by numbing the affected tooth/teeth by anesthesia then the tooth is reshaped by filling in order to build up in case the tooth is already damaged or decayed. Once the dentist is able to take a dental impression that will be sent to the laboratory, a temporary crown will be placed on top of the tooth until the dental crown is ready to be installed as soon as it is manufactured on the next session.