Chest fat Reducing Exercises

Chest fat Reducing Exercises

A nice and soft bosom looks good on women but a very unsightly feature of a male body. There are a range of reasons for unnecessary fat build up in the chest area and these may include obesity which is the most obvious reason and sometimes hormones also play a role in fat build up in the chest area for men. While chest fat build up or “man boobs” as they are informally called are not such a great of a nuisance as you can reduce them and get a nice sculpted body that other men envy, with a few exercises and a healthy and nutritious calorie intake. A few helpful exercises are listed below.

The Dumbbell Pullover


Now that is a classic chest fat reducing exercise and has been an all time favourite of body builders. All you need is a single dumbbell and a flat bench to lie down. Lie down on the bench and hold the dumbbell above your head and slowly slide it towards the back of your head, and then bring it back to the position where you started. Repeat this exercises to a count of 10-12 or until you feel the pull of muscles in your chest area.

The Deadlift Exercise

The king of all exercises, a deadlift exercise just demands a barbell with the weights you can carry. Hold the barbell with your arms, make sure your back is straight, and slightly bend your knees and lift the barbell up to your thigh area. Repeat the same for a count of 12 with three sets of repetition. Be careful as to not dropping the barbell on your feet.

Push Ups


This is the best of all exercises and comes in handy as you do not need any special equipment. Decline push ups are even better for chest fat burning. The only thing you need to do is to make sure your legs are rested on a raised platform like thing, a solid bench or stool will do the work. Put your arms at shoulder distance and start doing the push ups to a count of 10-12 with three sets of repetition. This exercise does some serious fat burning in your cahest area.

Kettle bell Exercise

This exercise needs a kettle bell and nothing more. Stand with your feet slightly apart and swing the kettle bell from between your thighs. Steer your hips by bring them to the front when you feel a stretch in your hamstring muscles and raise the kettle bell to the level of your head. Repeat this exercise for three sets to a count of 12 per set.

Smith Machine Incline Press


This exercise can be done mostly at a gym unless you own the smith machine. For this you will have to lie down on the bench and slowly pull the barbell down and now push it upwards with a serious amount of strength. Exhale and inhale all the way through the exercise. The same applies to this exercise- a count of 12 with three repetitions.

Along with these exercises you will need to adapt a really healthy diet and lifestyle if you want to loose that packet of fat on your chest. A healthy lifestyle and regular exercise, at least for 4 days a week will really help you go a long way to achieve the dream body you always desired.

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