A Brief Know-How about the History Of Internal Medicine

A Brief Know-How about the History Of Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is not a new concept when it comes to the treatment of infants to senior citizens. This branch of medicine dates back to the 19th century. Many people are confused about the origins of internal medicine and they often wish to find out more about it. This branch of medicine is popular for the treatment of common ailments and it focuses not just on the specific part of the human body but on the whole body as a whole. In 1885, reputed physicians along the East Coast of the land established the Association of American Physicians or the AAP. The AAP teamed up with The American Society For Clinical Investigation or the ASCI. The ASCI was founded by Dr. Samuel Metzer with the sole objective to explore clinical research for the additional development of academic medicine. The President of the AAP, William Osler, borrowed the term Internal Medicine from Germany and this is how this branch of medicine was born.

In the USA there are several practitioners of Internal Medicine and one of the most famous professionals in the field is Vijaya-Prakash Boggala. He says that Dr William Osler has laid down the foundation of the mission of internal medicine professionals when he said that young men should be encouraged to devote their lives to the specialty of internal medicine. They should be content to wait for at least 10 to 15 years of their professional lives with pathology as their foundation so that they pass through hospital wards as experts equipped to study issues of internal medicine. 2

Internal medicine focuses on the causes and the symptoms of a disease or an illness. Its sole motto is to cure the illness or the disease from the roots.  Both the AAP and the ASCI conducted a number of meetings with physicians every year to ensure the progress of clinical research. Both these concerns became very popular in the nation. Their sole motto was to promote the devotion of people towards the branch of internal medicine.

Professionals interested in the branch of internal medicine had to complete 7 years of medical school and later take post graduation training for the diagnosis and treatment of illness and diseases in the human body. There were a number of advancements in the field and gradually the ACP founded the Annals of Clinical Medicine in 1927. This is one of the most powerful journals in the field of internal medicine and creates a huge impact on patients completely. Vijaya-Prakash Boggala says that it is important to know that what sort of patient has a specific disease over what sort of disease a patient has.

With the passage of time, internal medicine has become very popular and more and more people are deriving benefits from it. It is one of the oldest branches of medicine that people are becoming aware of. The experts treat the body as a whole and never focus on a particular part of the body for total cure and healing!