Bodybuilding: Trends that You Want to Know

Bodybuilding: Trends that You Want to Know

Bodybuilding is a workout intended to make the muscles of the body stronger and bigger. It is based on weight training. There has been plenty of weight training done towards the development of various kinds of muscles. Lean muscle and bulk muscle are two of the most significant kinds of muscle. Bulk building offers size and lean muscle building offers definition; however, necessary in terms of competition.

Bodybuilding methods these days are quite different from the traditional ways. Contemporary strength training is not too focused on the weight that can be lifted. Rather it is on making the body more tone, efficient, stronger and leaner.


Bodybuilding Methods

  • Bodyweight Workout – In terms of bodyweight training basics, it is imperative to have familiarity with the essential movements like pulls ups, pushups, lunges and squats. Bodyweight training is the foundation and drives a person to this other skills and strengths. Strength tools like dumbbells, kettle-bells, sandbags and barbells have no use without the right bodyweight strength, conditioning and fitness foundation.
  • High-Intensity Interval Training– Doing exercise at a higher intensity for a shorter time period will not just help you in maintaining your muscle; however, it can help in building muscle and increasing fitness. Higher-intensity workouts better build muscles. Also, they help in maintaining fitness by allowing you to act and perform exercise quicker. High-intensity workouts may be exhausting; however, they are challenging and short. This makes it more fund and easier to complete. Also, high-intensity training can be done nearly anywhere using any piece of equipment. This can be done with weights, a jump rope, with the body weight or with strength bands.
  • Muscle Pharm 28 Method – This is a new thing for main muscle gains. Exercise technique variations and repetitions will have the human musculature system shocked. Definitely, this method is a step up. Seven repetitions, seven slow repetitions, seven full repetitions at the movement’s top half and seven final repetitions at the movement’s bottom half, offering 28 muscle-pumping repetitions meant to make a pump.
  • Cross Fit Workout – This training philosophy teaches people to enhance their physical fitness and growth. It works with sprints, gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting and plyometrics. Cross Fit Exercises have some variations including ring muscle up, kettle bell clear, bar muscle up, front squat, push ups,  kettlebell snatch, bench press, dumbbell snatch and farmer’s walk.

Helpful Body building Tips

Helpful Body building Tips

Those who are new to bodybuilding and wish to enhance the way they look can make use of these tips. It does not make sense to expect big improvements over night; however, muscle mass is expected to slowly grow over time. You need to have patience, stick to your workout routine and diet and then expect results.

  • Stick to free weights – Although gyms these days have shiny and fancy exercise machines, they won’t help you in building a solid muscle mass foundation. Barbells and dumbbells are still the best in terms of muscle building particularly for those who just started out.
  • Perform compound movements – Although you may try to perform any exercise you know or learn from websites or magazines, you need to focus on the basic movements. Exercises such as the deadlift, squat, military shoulder press and the barbell bench press should be part of your routine.
  • Stick to a program – You don’t just visit the gym and then do whatever workout you want. It is imperative to have a strict routine and then closely follow it. Consider asking a professional bodybuilder or personal trainer to offer you a program which includes the specific exercises that must be done, how many repetitions per set and how many number of sets. As you visit the gym, be aware of what exactly you should do in such training session.
  • Avoid training every day – if you have chosen a person who is expert in bodybuilding programs, your routine must have three to four workouts every week. Since you are a beginner, you can train less frequently than this. The other days of the week must be spent on resting and recovering.
  • Train every muscle group each week – Although too many days in the gym will not help in you getting bigger, too few exercises or workouts are neither good. It is important to work every muscle group at least once each week.
  • Know the right form of each exercise you perform – Although you are likely to be tempted to see the amount of weight that you can lift, you have to begin with lower weights and then know the form of every exercise.
  • Increase weights gradually – After mastering the right form of every exercise, begin increasing the weights on a periodic basis. Monitor how much you can actually lift on every exercise and slowly increase the weight each couple of weeks. With this, your strength will be increased resulting in muscle gains.
  • Ensure your safety – After getting to the point of utilizing large weights, make use of a safety belt to protect your lower back. Perhaps you are not experiencing any back issue now; however, you will want to avoid this in the future.

consume plenty of protein

  • Consume plenty of protein – Protein is important in terms of muscle building and can be obtained in eggs, fish, chicken, some nuts and vegetables as well as dairy products.  The majority of experts recommend a minimum of one gram of protein every pound of bodyweight to get the best results. When it’s not easy to consume protein every day, consider adding a protein shake.
  • Have a surplus of calories – Muscle building involves consuming more calories than you burn. A calorie calculator can be used for knowing your basal metabolic rate or BMR and adjust based upon your activity. In case your job is sedentary, you have to take fewer calories but you need more if you are active.
  • Eat something more often – Consider having four to five meals every day and eat every three to four hours. Do not make yourself hungry.
  • Do not eat junk food – Yes you wish to gain weight; however, you would want to gain muscle mass instead of fat. Eat quality food such as complex carbs, lean proteins and health fats. Do not consume plenty of sweets, junk food and fatty foods.