8 Ways to Inspire Yourself During Addiction Recovery

8 Ways to Inspire Yourself During Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery isn’t always a beautiful, uplifting thing. It can have dark days when you’re not sure that your pain is even worth it. Thankfully, there are ways to circumvent these thoughts when they arrive, especially when you pair them with an outapatient drug treatment program in Utah. If you’re ready to live a cleaner, more sober life, here are just eight tips for keeping your head held high during your recovery.

  1. Seek Out Motivational Quotes

Forget about the cheesy sayings on your therapist’s wall. There are millions of motivational quotes out there, and some of them are bound to strike a chord with you. Whether it’s gentle encouragement or a kick-in-the-backside truth, look for something that can become a mantra for you during times of doubt and indecision. Repeat it to yourself when you feel like you might fall off the wagon.

  1. Find a Role Model

Maybe you have a sponsor that you don’t want to disappoint. Maybe there’s a celebrity or politician that you’ve always dreamed of being like. The next time that you’re feeling down, try to imagine what this person would say to you if they knew about your struggles. How would they encourage you? How would they use their own life experiences to relate to you? What kind of advice would they pass on to someone in your position?

  1. Acknowledge Your Achievements

There’s no such thing as a small accomplishment when you’re in rehab. Simply walking through the front door is a monumental thing that many other people can never bring themselves to do. Whether it’s opening up in group therapy or staying clean for a whole 24 hours, be sure to celebrate all of your milestones. Not only will they build your self-confidence about the recovery process, but they’ll also create a feedback loop in your brain that rewards you for good choices.

  1. Forgive Yourself

Making amends is a big part of recovery, but don’t become so focused on gaining the forgiveness of others that you forget to apply the same sentiment to yourself. Whatever mistakes that you’ve made in the past, you won’t atone for them by living in constant, self-sabotaging guilt. Let go of your burdens. Embrace the present. Become a newer, lighter you.

  1. Remember Your Drive

Why are you getting sober? If it’s because of your kids, maybe you can carry a picture of them in your wallet for when you’re feeling low. If it’s the hope of looking like you did in high school, maybe you can hang up an old outfit to inspire you every morning as you get dressed. The specifics of your motivation don’t matter as long as you’re reminding yourself of them every single day.

  1. Develop a Gratefulness Habit

If you’re struggling with addiction, your life probably isn’t going the way that you wanted. However, this doesn’t mean that you lack good fortune in other areas. Here are just a few things that you might be grateful for when you open your eyes in the morning:

  • A sunny day
  • A loyal pet
  • The free coffee at your AA/NA meetings
  • A new season of your favorite TV show
  • The fact that you’re still alive
  1. Reward Yourself

Incentives are a great way to keep yourself on track, especially if you incorporate them into your recovery plan in advance. For example, you might tell yourself that you can try that new coffee flavor when you hit three days sober, or you might plan a weekend getaway when you’ve been clean for a whole year. These rewards come from you, so they can help you stay motivated even when all other motivations fail.

  1. Always Find the Silver Lining

Last but certainly not least, try to find the positive angle of everything that you do. There’s always a bright side to life, and by focusing on the good instead of the bad, you can shift your entire perspective as you recover from your addictions. For example, instead of beating yourself up over a relapse, figure out where your new six-month mark will be. Maybe you’ll get to celebrate a new benchmark just in time for a birthday or holiday.

These are just a few ways to motivate yourself during the long, difficult process of addiction recovery. However, don’t forget that inspirational thoughts are only the beginning. To truly make a change in yourself and your circumstances, look for a drug detox in Utah.


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