This Is What Marijuana Can Help You Achieve

This Is What Marijuana Can Help You Achieve

It’s now legal in almost 21 States, including the Columbian district. “Marijuana is beneficial,” is what federal houses for the 21 districts have come to agree. Guess this agreement was reached based on political and socio-economic factors because several researchers still hold that the real benefits of this substance among states (medically) are not clear. But why make it legal? Why use this substance? If you’re also asking yourself these questions, read on, we’ll uncover the untold benefits of marijuana as revealed by researchers.

It’s a good medicine for Glaucoma

Glaucoma is eye disease, which causes increased pressure on the eyeball. This pressure, if not taken care of, can lead to a damaged optic nerve, which when not treated, can lead to a loss of eye vision. According to American’s National Eye Clinic, marijuana as a substance has the ability to decrease pressure within the eye. When this substance is smoked, it reduces the intraocular pressure, in both those individuals who have normal pressure and those that have glaucoma, hence keeping the disease at bay.

Improve the health of the lungs

Marijuana is known to cause no harm to lungs, although it is smoked just in the same way nicotine is smoked. Shocking right? Besides, marijuana has been discovered also to increase the capacity of the lungs. This was proved when researchers decided to evaluate risk factors of the substances, against tobacco on lungs. It was discovered that all the 5,115 young adults who made up the study population, all gained lung capacity, a factor that was contrary to those who used tobacco. An increased lung capacity means you will live a healthy life, and thus, it sustains life, unlike tobacco, which causes death.

Can help with Epilepsy

This substance is known to effectively control epileptic seizures. A study showed that this substance controls epileptic seizures in rats, according to a 2003 study, done by Delorenzo Robert of the Virginian commonwealth university. Marijuana according to him has an active ingredient by the name tetrahydrocannabinol. This ingredient controls the epileptic seizures by literary binding to the brains cells that are responsible for the control of excitability and also regulation of relaxation. It does this for almost 10 hours, and so ensures epileptic individuals are stab;e.

Stops the opioid overdoses

Researcher reveals that the access to marijuana is directly linked to the fewer deaths caused by opioid overdose. This research goes ahead to explain that in those states where medical marijuana is used, they experienced an average death rate, caused by the opioid overdose. This was 24.8% lower than those states, which didn’t use marijuana. In fact, the differences were even greater in those states where marijuana has been in use legally as a medical substance for a longer period of time. This means that marijuana should not be considered a substance, which needs to be avoided, as it has numerous surprising benefits than we can imagine. The above facts are just but few benefits of marijuana; indicating that those states that legalized the use of this substance, have all the reasons to smile.