Try the plank challenge and bid goodbye to stubborn belly fat

Try the plank challenge and bid goodbye to stubborn belly fat

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could have the power of transforming your body within just 5 minutes? Yes, you must be wondering that it sounds too good to be true but if you can try out the 28 day plank challenge, you can witness some extremely positive results by gradual training of your body for strength and endurance. Although this isn’t a quick fix to your health woes, yet it is more like taking baby steps towards accomplishing amazing results. Are you interested in learning more on this 30 day plank challenge? Here’s what you should know.

Proper planking – Key to getting best results

The main way of getting some great results come down to correcting your planking position. Here’s how you should do it.Image result for Try the plank challenge and bid goodbye to stubborn belly fat

  • Your arms should be in the correct position. Elbows should be placed right under the shoulders to make sure your body’s weight is distributed properly.
  • Your spinal cord should be straight and avert putting unnecessary pressure on your back and neck.
  • Tighten your core so that you may benefit from the plan challenge.
  • Your legs should be spread slightly and do focus on how your hips feel when you do the exercise.
  • Keep breathing slowly and deliberately to engage your core fully and to make your body feel relaxed.

Why should you go for the Plank challenge?

If you’re wondering why the plank challenge is such a great workout plan, here is what planking can do to your body.

  • Tones down your stomach: Planking using your core to stabilize your body and execute the physical demands to remain in the perfect planking position. You engage your abdomen muscles while doing this workout. Overall, you will find your muscles tighten and tone through this workout.
  • Improves good posture: Since your abs play a huge role in helping you retain good posture, planking also enhances your stability. Over time, you can stand straight and get a broader state of movement.
  • Boosts flexibility: Your body’s flexibility will also improve as you work your shoulder muscles and your back in the plank position. You will find the shoulder blades to stretch easily and offer you an improved range of motion.

Therefore, if you’re fed up with your belly fat and you’re hunting for some dedicated ways of toning your body and improving your posture, you can definitely take up the plank challenge for 30 days. For the initial days, you can stay up at the position for 20-40 seconds but make sure by the end of the month; you have enough stamina to stay up for 4-5 minutes.