How to eat healthy in college

How to eat healthy in college

We all know we need to eat more fruit and vegetables. It’s not that they taste bad (well, some do. I’m looking at you, brussel sprouts), it’s just that chips and crackers taste better for some reason. All I know is that, no matter how much I like peaches or carrots, I would rather eat corn. And yet, I know I will feel much better after eating the peach or carrots, but I still choose the junk snack food. I am working on this myself, but have started to find ways to sneak these healthy foods into my diet, and I have found that I want to eat those other foods a lot less now.

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Smoothies are the number one way to add fruits and vegetables to your diet, you just have to be willing to try adding veggies to your smoothies, and learn how to cover up their bitterness. To start, you just add some water or milk (skip the fruit juice, that’s just extra sugar), followed by yogurt that is low in sugar (plain yogurt is my go-to), then pile on the fruit. If I’m going to add veggies to my smoothie, I try to make sure I have a banana on hand, or to use yogurt that has a little more sugar, because they really help cover up the veggie flavor. Blend this all together, and then add a handful (or more!) of baby spinach leaves. You want to make sure you blend the yogurt/water/fruit first so that the leaves don’t get stuck in the blender’s blades.

I like to drink ‘green’ smoothies for breakfast. Sometimes, if I just went for a hard run or plan to run soon, I’ll add in some peanut butter or protein powder before blending.

Another way to add in some extra veggies is to start adding them to your sandwiches, or introduce wraps to your diet. You can stuff those full of vegetables, like bell peppers, lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, and shredded carrots. Or, instead of making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, swap the jelly for a banana. For dinner, you can stir-fry some vegetables and add them on top of whatever you have already made, orĀ  or even have breakfast for dinner and throw together some scrambled eggs with cheese and asparagus.

Sneak those fruits and vegetables into the meals you already know and love, and you’ll have a whole new dish with new flavors and more nutrients.

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