Awareness of STD and its Prevention

Awareness of STD and its Prevention

STD basically stands for sexually transmitted disease.As the name says, it refers to a disease which is transmitted from one person to another on account of sexual intercourse. Such disease can be HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, genital warts, etc. Some such diseases can be cured while some cannot and thus will make life deadly. Also in several cases its occurrence will not be realized till the sexual organs get affected badly. Therefore knowing about it is very much important in order to protect ourselves from it. So first let us know about its spreading ways.

Spreading ways

From various studies it is found out that STD can be from anal, vaginal or oral sex. There is a higher chance of disease get attracted because of following reasons:-

  • Sex with more than one person.
  • Sex with person who is doing sex with many ones.
  • Doing sex with low quality condom or without condom.
  • Doing sex at very young age.(There is a low immunity power at that age so chances are high)
  • Consuming and sharing drugs while doing sex.

In all the above cases chances of STD is high. It is all happen because during interaction there is a contact of things wherein the germs where lying like semen, saliva, blood and vaginal secretions. These germs may arise because of bacteria, viruses or other factors. Thus proper protection is essential in order to avoid the germs getting transferred. So now let us know the ways by which STD can be prevented and some common symptoms which may be an indicative of getting affected by it.

Ways to reduce the chances of STD

  • Using items which play a role of barrier for germ transfer like proper quality condom while doing sex.
  • Doing regular sexual checks like: gynaecological or male genital examinations.
  • Using vaccines which are offering protection against germs.

Symptoms indicative of STD

  • Feeling painful during urination.
  • Fever after sex.
  • Feeling unusual pain while sex
  • Feeling very weak after sex.
  • Abdominal, eye is paining abnormally.

If we feel any of the symptoms as stated above then in such cases doing proper test and taking consultation from doctor is better than treating ourselves with our own mind because as stated earlier such diseases can cause serious harm and damage to our life which may make our whole life deadly. There are Free STD Testing also available in some centres and clinics, you can call free at 1-888-380-5571.

STD testing is not a standard testing because for every different infection – testing procedures, methods, etc. are varied. Conducting physical examination, taking blood sample, urine sample, saliva sample are mostly the common tests. Therefore before deciding about the tests doctor generally conducts preliminary examination of the patient by asking several queries like: type of symptom feeling, suffered STD earlier, etc. Accordingly doctor will decide the suitable tests to be undertaken. So it is very important to be fully honest while answering all the queries raised by doctor as hiding any information may lead to deadly future ahead.

Hope this article may be informative.