10 Good Reasons to Get a Massage


The number of spas and clinics offering erotic massages in Montreal proves just how popular massages are in the city, which is no wonder when you consider the many benefits offered by a treatment of this kind. Sensual pleasures aside, a massage equally offers a lot of health benefits. From removing body aches to better blood circulation, it does a lot more for your body than you might think.

Anxiety Relief

Medical experts have stated that massages provide a way out from stress and anxiety, allowing you to clear your mind and get back to a state of focus. Physical, emotional and mental stress take their toll on your body, and a massage can provide you with essential relief. In the hands of a professional, you can trust your body to their care and enjoy the highly advantageous reuslts.

You don’t need to get a daily massage, as even just a weekly trip to the masseuse has the power to make you feel calmer and have better control of your emotions. This is effective for everyone, including those who are prone to suffering from depression.

Relieves Muscle Pain

Athletes often get a massage after a competition to relieve pain, and these benefits aren’t limited to those who engage in competitive sport. Regular massage eliminates muscle soreness, and stimulates faster tissue growth. A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in 2011 reveals that massage therapy improves circulation and alleviates pain, emphasising the positive effects of visiting a spa or a clinic.

Eliminates Postural Stress

Work often requires people to sit or stand for prolonged periods, leading to stiff neck, back aches and other physical discomfort. Desk workers are especially vulnerable to this, and a massage can really help to diffuse the tension that builds up in the neck, upper back and shoulders. Massaging the affected areas provides both short and long term relief, and can be a great way to prevent accumulated stress from causing chronic problems.

Helps Improve Sleep

A massage not only relaxes you in the immediate moment, but also enhances the quality of your sleep at night. The deep relaxation that you access during a massage naturally leads to better sleep, so a treatment is often recommended to those who struggle to get a full, restorative night’s sleep.

Improves Immunity

A 2010 study featured in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine revealed that massaging leads to an increase in their white blood cells. Given that a high number of white blood cells improves immunity and makes you less vulnerable to disease, massages can ultimately be linked to an improved state of overall health. This is one of those benefits that may not be apparent overnight, but more of an important difference that makes itself known over time.

Regular massages along with diet and exercise also improves your body’s sugar level, in particular in the case of children. This is one reason why a massage is good not just for adults, but also for kids with diabetes.

Improves Digestive and Urinary Systems

Massaging various areas of your body enhances the urinary and digestive systems inner workings. There is nothing magical about this, as it all boils down to proper circulation: massage remove physical stress, and this allows your organs to perform at higher levels.

Headache Relief

The next time that you feel a headache coming, skip the pill and get a massage instead. It doesn’t just get rid of the single headache, but also reduces their frequency in general. Taking painkillers to relieve pain isn’t always the best recourse, as massages can be more effective and safer; it means that you are effectively treating the problem at its source, rather than simply tackling the symptoms with a drug.

Better Blood Circulation

Better blood circulation leads to a lot of health benefits, such as faster muscle growth, faster physical recovery and better wellness overall. With regular massage sessions, your body will be able to carry more blood and oxygen throughout your body.

Smoother, Healthier Skin

Regular massage also leads to smoother skin, as blood flows better and smoother, allowing it to assist the regeneration of skin cells by supplying them with oxygen and other necessary substances. The simultaneous by-product of reduced stress is also highly advantageous for your skin, as a relaxed state of mind is commonly linked to a brighter complexion.

Relief from General Pain and Discomfort 

Given how your therapist’s intent is to relieve tension from your muscles, it’s only natural that a massage often results in those little aches and pains drifting away. It’s often a good idea to inform them about any problem areas that you’ve noticed, as they can focus their attention on relieving you of these issues.


For those who have long benefited from massages, there’s no need to convince you to drop by a spa or a clinic for a treatment. As we’ve shown here, there’s a lot more to massages than meets the eye, to the extent that they can impact on your health in a positive, long-term way. By including a massage in your weekly or monthly routine, you can incorporate these benefits as a part of your overall well-being, and see the results as you progress through life.